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Although it doesnít claim the prominence of age that many of its neighbors in southeastern Nebraska do, Adams State Bank does have the distinction of being one of the stateís five-generation banks, as well as the honor of having a past president of the Nebraska Bankers Association as its President.

Founded in 1918 as one of three banks in the small town of 500 population located 20 miles northeast of Beatrice in the extreme northeastern corner of Gage County, Adams State Bank has been the lone survivor there for more than 90 years, serving the small community and surrounding agricultural area.  The other two banks failed in 1922 and 1933.

Henry Gramann Sr. started the bank with his father-in-law, Chris Hennies, in 1918, with the latter as President and Henry as Cashier and Managing Officer.  Mr. Hennies continued as President until his death in 1942, when he was succeeded in office by his son-in-law.  When Henry Gramann Sr. died in 1969, his son, Henry Gramann Jr., who had been with the bank since the 1930s, succeeded him.  Henry Gramann Jr. served as President of the Nebraska Bankers Association from 1968-1969 and served as President of the bank until 2001. 

Henry Gramann Jr.'s two sons continue in management of the bank.  Max, the current CEO and President, has been with the bank since 1964.  Karl, who began working at the bank in 1977, is the Executive Vice-President and Cashier.  Chris is a Vice-President for the bank and represents the fifth generation managing this family-owned bank, as do Julie Kealy and Joseph Gramann.

In 2007, Adams State Bank was renovated and extended to the north with a 2,760 square foot addition.  The addition includes three offices, a lobby, and a drive-up teller window to meet the needs of the modern bank customer. 

In the Adams State Bank hangs a large picture of Gramannís first bank (1918) which was located east of the library.  Presently, only the old post office building remains of the old Main Street.  Abbot and W.E. Bryson and Will Pittam were cashiers.  This bank failed in 1922.  After the new building for Adams State Bank (now the mortuary) was built in 1918, employees were Chris Hennies, Henry Gramann Sr., and Ben Day.  Then in 1926, the Adams State Bank was moved to the Farmers State Bank Building, now occupied as a law office.  In 1933 the First National Bank failed.  The Adams State Bank moved to its present location in 1936.  Pictured above are, left to right, Ben Day, Teller, Henry Gramann Sr., Cashier and Managing Officer, and Chris Hennies, President.