Savings: 0.25% APY
Super NOW: 0.40% APY
MMK: 0.30% APY
HSA 0.30% APY
12 Month CD: 2.02% APY
48 Month CD: 3.13% APY
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Debit Cards

Visa Check Cards from Adams State Bank allow our checking account customers to:

  • Get cash, transfer funds, or make account inquiries at ATMs worldwide
  • Make point-of-sale transactions at any merchant location that accepts Visa cards
  • Use your card online to purchase goods or pay bills
  • Write fewer checks and carry less cash

To report a lost or stolen debit card, you can call us at 402-988-2255 during normal banking hours, or call 800-264-5578 for 24/7 support. 

For more information about misplaced cards, suspicious activity, and fraud prevention, click here.